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What does it take to keep weight off for life?

Weight loss is only half the battle, in fact I’d say it’s the easy part, keeping it off is something entirely different and it takes a lot more than just making healthy food choices, it takes healthy mind choices too. Unless we learn how to keep the weight off, it just creeps back on and before you know it you’re up three dress sizes and wondering what happened?

In the last few weeks I have covered how thinking yourself slim is crucial to stay on track if you want to lose weight and now I am going to share some secrets to ensure that once you reach your goal weight, it stays off.

It has to do with understanding why we set goals, why you wanted to lose weight in the first place. We don’t set goals to attain the goal itself, we actually set goals to attain the state, or emotion of how we will ‘feel’ once we attain that goal. That feeling, or state, or emotion, regardless of the goal, is always about wanting to love ourselves our life more deeply.

Tuning into what you want to feel at the end of the goal is actually the goal itself! Let me explain...

I can tell you the difference between those who lose weight and keep it off and those who put the weight back on is mindset! The mindset journey, which I call the mind switch, is about feeling you are good enough, worthy enough, to deserve the healthy, energetic body you desire.

Regardless of how much weight you lose, if you have not done the inner work along the way, not only will you quickly feel unsatisfied once you get there, you will consciously or unconsciously seek to revert to a form you feel more comfortable with. There can be temporary joy once you reach a goal, but if you still believe you’re not good enough it won’t last and neither will the results.

So here is what you need to do to ensure you are ready to mentally accept the new you. Ask yourself how do you want to feel once you achieve your body goal and then ask ‘can I start to feel that way right now?’ The barriers to feeling that way right now are your road map, what you will need to work on to ensure you feel like you deserve better.

The weight loss journey is not about the end result, it is about the accumulation of a hundred, a thousand tiny acts of self-love along the way, that mean you are loving and honouring yourself every moment, by making the best, healthiest decisions for you and your future.

So ask yourself what is it you want to experience once you achieve your weight loss or health goal and what are the things stopping you from experiencing those feelings right now? If you focus your inner work around removing those barriers, your life will never be the same and your weight will stay off for life!

Lots of love, Deborah xox


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