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5 Tips for Beating Menopausal Weight Gain

Does it feel like you’re eating close to nothing at times, yet the numbers on the scale just keep getting bigger?

Has middle-aged brain fog kicked in causing you to crave the ‘wrong’ foods for energy? And what about your waist line, does it feel like it’s taken on a life of its own?

You’re not alone!

Approaching and transitioning through menopause can be a roller coaster, but it doesn’t have to be!

After 20 years of weight loss coaching, I am here to let you know there is a simple solution for you that has worked for every one of my clients! There are no gimmicks, no pills or no magic potions! It’s all based on science and can literally reverse your biological age, stimulate natural weight loss and reshape your body like NO other eating plan.

It’s called Nutritional Ketosis, and for the past 2 decades I’ve helped thousands of women in over 47 countries just like you, lose weight and keep it off giving them the secret to feeling young forever, and I’m here to help you too!

Many women experience increased weight gain throughout menopause. Some women even notice weight gain before menopause, during peri-menopause. The onset and duration of peri-menopause can vary for each person with some women experiencing a short peri-menopause, and others enduring a decade before menopause arrives. But let’s face it, it’s not just our physical body that shifts throughout this time, we are also transitioning spiritually, mentally and emotionally. How we approach midlife will determine whether we will we be healthy, happy and empowered as a woman. As we move into a new life phase it’s during this time we have an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and there’s no better time of life to do it, it’s a rite of passage.

But, let’s talk some facts here; I’m going to share a few big myths I want the world to know:

1: Hormones are not the only culprit! The hormonal changes of menopause can mean it’s more likely to gain weight around your abdomen, this is true. But hormonal changes alone don’t necessarily cause menopausal weight gain. These gains are usually related to lifestyle factors that don’t accommodate for natural changes in our bodies as we age.


For example, muscle mass typically diminishes with age, while fat increases. This tends to snowball and almost reach a tipping point during our 40’s and 50’s unless we actively exercise. Loss of muscle means we may appear less toned and things ‘spread’ as our body grows in all the wrong places. If you continue to eat as you always have and don’t increase your physical activity, you’re likely to notice these unwanted changes during menopause. 2: Don’t Exercise if You Want to Lose Weight! You might be surprised to discover I DON’T promote exercise during active weight loss, and I cover the science behind this and why it can work AGAINST you in your free ebook below.

3: Sleep Like A Baby! Sleep can also be effected as we age and this can impact weight because of the effect it has on our nervous system. Without the ability to rest and repair properly your body won’t drop weight! But adopting a ketogenic lifestyle results in restful, peaceful sleep that enables your body to heal the damage that daily life throws you.

4: Stop Counting Calories! To offset the changes in our body as ageing kicks in, we need to increase the nutrient density of what we eat. The calorie myth, that all calories are created equal, prevents us from feeding the body key nutrients that are essential for a healthy metabolism. Ultra-processed foods and sugars will become fat magnets for your waist so we must address the accumulative effect that this type of food has on our body over 40 plus years. The only answer to longevity and health is a return to natural whole foods. 5: Avoid mainstream advice; it’s killing us! After 2 decades of food and nutrition research, I discovered that calories and exercise are not critical factors for menopausal weight loss, or weight maintenance, and it’s time for a paradigm shift! This all begins with the acknowledgment of a basic facts; our modern diet is killing us!

As a middle-aged woman, if I followed the food pyramid I would need 6 servings of grains a day. By eating just half that amount I would be 20 pounds overweight by the end of the year.

So even doing the ‘right thing’ doesn’t make you vibrantly healthy and may actually be contributing to one of the biggest health crisis for middle-aged women – metabolic syndrome.

Our high-carb/low fat diets have created a major global epidemic of carb sensitivity leading to insulin resistance, diabetes, weight gain, heart disease and cancer. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of symptoms that lead to premature ageing, diabetes and the number one cause of death in women; heart disease! The solution There is hope and you CAN begin to turn this around within only a few short days! Did you know we have an amazing natural tool that can transform our health within days called Ketosis? This is where we metabolically adapt from burning glucose as fuel, to burning fat. This occurs once we cut ultra-processed foods, sugars and grains from our diet and move back toward traditional diets rich in delicious healthy fats, low glycemic fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and meats.

Increasing evidence shows that Nutritional Ketosis is not only a safe and natural state of being, it can reverse chronic diseases, diabetes, obesity and even cancers. It’s also been shown to dramatically benefit brain health including serious neurological illness, all while helping you lose weight.

It is also the answer to beating menopausal weight gain and works in the real world, shopping at supermarkets, eating out and living a full and vibrant life. I know because it is how I eat! If you’d like to learn more I have created a FREE ebook called: The 5 Simple Steps to Beating Menopausal Weight Gain Quickly.

If you’d like to know how to lose weight during or after menopause this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

Here’s what’s included in the book:

  • Proven menopausal meal plan and food guide

  • What foods to avoid after 40

  • 7 strategies for dealing with stress (the biggest cause of weight gain)

  • 8 week relaxation activity planner

  • A simple thyroid test you can do at home

  • And much more…

About Deborah Deborah Murtagh has dedicated the past 23 years to researching whole foods nutrition and ancestral eating.

Deborah is a regular columnist for Fitness Journal and Holistic Health Magazine, an international magazine with an estimated 1 million readers.

Deborah is also a Strategic Interventionist having trained with the Robbins (Tony) Mandanes Training Institute in Life Coaching and Human Needs Psychology. She is passionate about educating clients to take a holistic approach; for wellness to occur she says, we must address the mental, emotional, spiritual and the physical.

After 20 years in clinical practice specializing in gut and bowel health and weight loss, Deborah concluded three things: We are not only what we eat, but what we think and feel as well.

Over the past three years Deborah has been developing a range of online courses and has thousands of students in over 47 countries around the world.

Deborah’s specialty programs are Ketogenic dietary protocols. She has a private consultancy specialising in weight loss and nutritional coaching for chronic diseases including cancer.

Deborah has inspired thousands of people to see that real healthy food is totally delicious and simple to prepare. She teaches students how to nourish the body with natural, traditional whole foods with a focus on body ecology and immune health.

As a holistic weight loss coach Deborah feels we are on the outside and inner expression on how we feel on this inside. As we shift our inner world the outer world changes. She has coached thousands of clients to lose weight and is passionate about the psychology of weight loss.

“Life coaching becomes an integral part of any body transformation if we want to create lasting change. Our mindset and personal relationship we have with our body is one and the same; to change our body we must change our mind.” Says Deborah.


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