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Why you really make bad food choices

Weight can be the number one challenge many women face over their lifetime and there is a reason for that. You can walk away from any other addiction, but you can’t walk away from food. I spoke about this in my last vlog, if you missed it you can view it here.

An alcoholic can stop drinking, I’m sure it is not easy, but they can have that last drink and never touch it again, but we have to eat to survive, so we can’t just avoid food as a strategy for weight loss.

What it comes down to is that how we feel about ourselves is reflected in our food choices. The more we love ourselves the more we take care of ourselves, and therefore the better quality food we choose to put in our body. So diet and weight loss is not about food, it is about the relationship we have with ourselves.

So this week I want you to start asking ‘how much do I really value myself? If in this moment, I am choosing to put something in my body that I know is bad for me, why is it ok? Why am I allowing myself to do this knowing it is not a loving act? Do I feel the need to punish or sabotage myself in some way, and if so then why.

When we know something is bad for us, yet we do it anyway there is always a negative core belief attached to this behaviour. Many times however these are old core beliefs and ones that we no longer need to hold onto. So by reflecting upon our daily actions such as why we choose to eat foods we know have a negative impact on us, we can quite often make an instant decision to make better choices.

Being real with ourselves is the first step to breaking the pattern of making bad food choices, but it takes courage to admit we are choosing to abuse ourselves with toxic food. So I invite you to be extremely kind to yourself this week, and from a loving place ask why are you choosing to eat sabotaging foods. What we eat is either contributing to or taking away from our health and wellness. So it’s more than just a bad food choice, it is a personal statement of how you feel about yourself in that moment.

If by catching yourself in these moments emotions come up, write then down, journal them and start to reflect on them. This is just one of the steps I encourage women to do with the Mindset training in my TKS Diet. We can’t change what we are not consciously aware of, and we can’t change what we can’t admit to ourselves.

Once we get clear mentally and emotionally by addressing our relationship with ourselves, weight loss just happens and our bad food choices improves as our self-love improves. That is the ultimate goal. Lots of love Deborah x


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