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Rainbow Salad - video

An antioxidant extravaganza! This is a beautiful salad is simply gorgeous to look at and eat and this is a recipe that can really get your creative juices flowing.

Set a layers of rainbow coloured food our onto a large board or white platter. Each colour of the rainbow is layered to create an artistic masterpiece. Then simply toss on the table in front of your guests!

The key to making this salad to perfection is how you prepare each vegetable, fruit or flower. Ensure to finely julienne your vegetables using a mandolin or vegetable spirilizer where necessary. What will make this salad will be the delicate texture.

Begin by taking a large flat platter and layer each of your colours in a diagonal line across the platter. Each vegetable, fruit or flower may be laid in a line separately, or you can mix each colour together. It would look better if you think about each colour block carefully and layer your choice of foods from darkest to lightest, then lightest to darkest etc.

To serve, toss in front of your guests (I use my hands) at the table and top with a herby vinaigrette.

And as a wonerful bonus different coloured foods are know to benefit different parts of your body:

Reds (Strength, Adrenals, Lycopene, Circulatory systems) red pepper tomato strawberry pomegranate

Oranges(Sensuality, Gonads, Beta-carotene, immune Health) orange pepper carrot orange calendula orange slices orangekumura, roasted butternut pumpkin apricots

Yellows(Personal Power, Pancreas, Vitamin C, Digestion) yellow pepper yellow carrot yellow calendula dandelion petals corn (not paleo) yellow squash lemon spaghetti squash pineapple

Greens(Love, Thymus, Chlorophyll, Detoxifies) watercress kale spinach Iceburg lettuce asparagus green grapes lime avocado flat leaf parsley mintetc

Green Whites and Whites(As above for green) courgette spring onion cauliflower granny smith apples Asian greens, boy choy, pak choy etc

Blues (Expression, Thyroid, Anthocyanins, Slows Aging) blueberries aubergine purple grapes, organic blue borage flowers

Purples & Violets(Spirituality & Perception, Pituatary& Pineal Resveratrol, Balances Hormones) purple grapes sage flowers chives flowers viola’s red cabbage red onion raw beetroot

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