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2 Secret tips to kick-start your weight loss!

Over the last two weeks, I shared with you two tips to kick-start your weight loss, but they are so important that I wanted to summarize these again for you and explain exactly why they are so important. I believe that without following this advice, no weight loss will be lasting. After 2 decades as a weight loss coach and literally thousands of clients, I know intimately what it takes, so please don’t start another diet until you do the thinking first! If you missed this weeks vlog on this subject you can view it here.

Getting ready to begin any life change takes some physical preparation sure, but your focus should first be on the mental and emotional preparation. If the change you want to make is around dieting and losing weight then the non- physical preparation is vital! We often try to ‘force’ ourselves into a diet because we are frustrated or depressed that our clothes no longer fit, but dieting is always an attempt to increase our self-love and feel ‘better’ about ourselves.

So feeling bad about our body-image and self-image may not be enough motivation to start or stick to a diet plan. The mind is far more complex than that, you have to want to feel good about our body and our self, and you don’t have to wait until we reach our weight loss goal to begin having gratitude for our body, now.

Let’s face it, if feeling bad was enough, no one would be overweight. That’s why I’m going to share with you some tips on how to get your mind in alignment so the body (and healthy eating) will follow.

I’m a huge believer in writing 50 Reasons why you want to lose weight and keep it off before you embark on a diet. So my first tip is to begin writing your list today! If you can’t write all 50 Reasons at once, commit to writing 5 a day over the next 10 days. That way, each morning when you wake up you’ll look for the reasons to lose weight and that in itself begins to train your brain toward focusing on the life you really want to be living. It may sound over the top but trust me, I’ve used this technique for over 15 years and I know it works.

We spend so much time in life watching TV, or thinking about useless things when we could be focusing our time and energy toward creating an awesome life! So, use your time wisely over the coming ten days and start tuning into the bigger picture of why you’d like to lose weight and keep it off forever!

My next tip is to tune into the exact feeling or state you’d like to experience at the end of achieving your goal! This is a crucial step because it uncovers a lot of deep-seated truths about how we view ourselves now.

You see, weight loss isn’t about weight loss, it’s about achieving a particular outcome which is how you think it will make you feel once you’re there. For example: sexy, more confident, more lovable, more acceptable, more attractive, more worthy and more respected.

It is a flawed perspective to believe that you can’t feel these things right now! So what could you do today that can help you begin to feel these things now? There are many overweight people that are sexy, confident, lovable, acceptable, attractive, worthy and respected! It’s all a state of mind!!!

The truth is most people end up feeling exactly the same way they do now after losing weight! There is a difference between self-image and body-image. We can change our body-image by losing weight, however, if we don’t change our self-image, we will eventually gain all the weight back (and a few extra kilograms as well)!

So what is weight loss really about? It is about healing your relationship with yourself, it’s about a return to self-love. Start there and the rest will follow.

Lots of love, Deborah xoxo


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