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Sliding door moments – Life’s moments that shape and define us…

Sliding door moments are opportunities in life where the decisions we make alter our very destiny. Moments in which we turn left or right, towards change or towards more of the same. These are life’s pivotal moments in which new identities of ourselves are born and old paradigms and beliefs which no longer serve us fall away.

Throughout life we make a series of key decisions which shape and alter the course of our reality. Key decisions are contracts we make within ourselves that create new patterns of behaviour. These are based on personal experiences from our unique past and what is currently within our reality.

Over the course of our lifetime we have thousands of opportunities to alter our path, some leading us to positive outcomes and others to negative, but each key decision offers opportunities for growth.

Intention is the key. When we stop and reflect on our life we can all look back at situations where we wish we had made a different decision. However, many of us continue to make the same key decisions over and over again, until we have suffered enough to wake up and make new ones; a sliding door moment.

With the New Year underway, it is an ideal time to look back to see if you can identify any key decisions you made which are shaping your reality in ways you wish weren’t there.

Did you put something off last year that you wished you hadn’t. I had dozens of clients lose more than 10 to 30 kgs last year. I know none of them regret having made a new key decision to take better care of themselves and begin to step into the person they wanted to become.

For these clients, it wasn’t just about weight loss though. This was the catalyst for change, but one change has a flow on effect that alters all key areas of our lives for the better.

One of my clients, Angela Davies, a busy Bayley’s Real Estate agent, lost 30kg and then trained and completed the New York Marathon. Her feet bleeding from blisters she dragged herself across the finish line with sheer determination.

For Angela this stemmed from a series of sliding door moments and she was rewarded with an achievement no one can ever take away from her. To go from where she was a year earlier to completing a marathon means these key decisions created a lasting change within her.

But she has also inspired me, her teacher. When we empower ourselves we give permission for others around us to do the same.

What are some key decisions you wished you had made a year ago that could have enabled you to shift your life to where you truly want it to be? And what prevented you from doing so? Could this be the time now to make that sliding door moment happen? As we move through life, key decisions remain as a form of protection, safety, comfort and security. The more we value comfort and security, the less likely we are to create change.

My favourite Tony Robbins quote is “The path of least resistance is the path of pain.” Security and comfort can be met in both positive and negative ways. A positive way would be ensuring that life is in order and that you can rely on certain things like the bills being paid, that you have food on the table. Knowing your own strength and worth is also a form of security, as is being able to rely on yourself no matter what life throws at you.

However it can also be met unconsciously through living a life of fear. The fear of change, the fear of failure, the fear of repeating old patterns and even the fear of trying. Fear is the prevention of change. Love, trust and faith within oneself is the cure. All you need to do is strive to access this within and life can change in an instant.

What goals have you tried to achieve in the past that led you to failure? Have you attempted the same goal time and time again and failed each time? Did failure lead you to make a key decision within yourself to never try again?

Weight loss is a great example of this as we know only five percent of diets work long-term and given that 30 percent of us are on diets at any given time, this leads to a very large percentage of failure. Hence many people give up even trying.

However failure is also an opportunity for serious growth and self-empowerment. Never let an opportunity to conquer yourself go by, it’s the meaning of life.

Having coached thousands of people through conquering themselves, we know exactly what is possible and how to create lasting change. If there is an area of life where you would like to create change, please see us for a free appointment.

Beginning 2016 with a pivotal sliding door moment will lead you to the greatest adventure of all – you!


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