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How to turn your body into a FAT burning machine

fat burning machine

What if everything we have been told about dieting, exercise and weight loss was wrong?

What if the labyrinth of misinformation was so vast, that the truth about nutrition has become almost impossible to find?

What if the so-called experts were more focused on economic and political agendas than human nutrition and nourishment?

After 2 decades of food and nutrition research, I discovered that calories and exercise are not critical factors for weight loss, or weight maintenance. In fact, exercise could actually be preventing you from losing weight. I’m not alone in these conclusions, over 50 scientific studies prove that exercise could prohibit weight loss and the popular ‘energy in versus energy out’ model does not mean good health because not all calories are equal!

It’s time for a paradigm shift, and this begins with the acknowledgment of basic facts; our modern diet is killing us. I am not just talking about over eating and junk food; even the recommended daily diet and food pyramid are contributing to obesity.

As a middle aged woman, if I followed the food pyramid I would need 6 servings of grains a day. By eating just half that amount I would be 20 pounds overweight by the end of the year. Once you hit middle age and things head south body wise, it frustrates me that millions of women ‘doing the right thing’ are not vibrantly healthy.

Our high-carb diets have created a major global epidemic of carb sensitivity leading to insulin resistance, diabetes, weight gain, heart disease and cancer.

It should come as no surprise then, to discover that the food pyramid was created by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to support the grain growers association. It was not built for human nutrition, it was designed with industry and economics in mind.

food pyramid

Given two-thirds of the world is now overweight and 95% of people fail to maintain lasting weight loss, evidence suggests our current strategies are failing completely. Those that do succeed are taking a ‘radical’ long-term approach to health and wellness that goes against mainstream advice.

The saddest part about the health misinformation vortex we are trapped in is that we could fix the problem, but the level of change required to re-educate the world is neither economically, or socially palatable to those with the power to change it.

Here’s some great news though – if you are willing to do what it takes, you can master long term weight loss and wellness... It’s not difficult!

Humans evolved on a natural, chemical free diet avoiding ultra-processed food for millions of years, yet in the past 70 years, within only a few generations, we have completely changed our diet to a point that children born today may not live as long as their parents. In doing so, we’ve also created one of the biggest health crisis in history: Diabesity (Diabetes and Obesity).

I was born in the early 1970’s in the thick of the woman’s liberation movement. Women were breaking the tradition of being a stay at home mothers and returning to the workforce in droves. This meant they had fewer hours to prepare meals and the demand for quick and easy ’convenience food’ further fuelled the industrial food revolution. Suddenly instead of spending hours in the kitchen cooking from scratch, a mother could pop into a supermarket and collect premixed packets of rice risotto, instant puddings, tinned foods and packets of biscuits saving her valuable time. Sadly, however, this food devolution not only contributed to the demise of our health but in many ways our family and community connection too. Neighbourhood stores closed as supermarkets bred, dinner became another task to get through as quickly as possible instead of a chance to talk and ‘be’ a family.

Since the 1940’s, the industrial food revolution has created tens of thousands of ultra-processed convenience foods containing an estimated 5,000 chemicals, which have now been approved as food additives to increase shelf life, taste, and visual appeal. I experienced the effects of ultra-processed first hand when at the age of 12 my mother dragged me to my first Weight Watchers meeting! By age 16 I weighed 20 kgs more than I do today and was officially ‘the fat girl.’

I grew up with a solo, working mum and my diet was typical of the times; white bread, baked beans, instant rice risotto and instant pudding. I lived on heavy painkillers due to an inflammatory spine disease, I suffered chronic fatigue and severe depression, I was insulin resistant and showing early signs of type 2 diabetes. The calorie counting and yo-yo dieting clearly weren’t working for me.

I could see I was heading down the same path my mother walked, battling with weight throughout her lifetime. I decided my life would be different, but I knew I would have to try a whole different approach in order to live a healthy life, free of the stress of dieting and negative self-image.

Fortunately, this decision changed my life and sparked an enduring passion for healthy living.

Today, having worked in the wellness and weight loss industry for 23 years, I know the standard supermarket diet should come with a warning: NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

What I did to turn my life around, control my weight and gain health, energy and vitality has literally become my life’s mission to share with others, and I’d love to share my secrets with you. I know exactly what it takes to live a long, healthy life, free of modern dietary diseases. I have lived this way for over 10 years, my weight is stable and I am vibrantly healthy.

We all have an amazing natural tool that can transform our health within days called Nutritional Ketosis. This biological adaptation occurs once we cut ultra-processed foods, sugars, and grains from our diet and move back toward traditional diets rich in delicious fats, low glycemic fruits, and vegetables, nuts, seeds and meats.

Increasing evidence shows that Nutritional Ketosis is not only a safe and natural state of being, it can reverse chronic diseases, diabetes, obesity and even cancers. It’s also been shown to dramatically benefit brain health including serious neurological illness, all while helping you lose weight.

Simply put it’s a metabolic state where your body uses its fat stores as its main source of energy.

Usually, a result of reduced calorie and carbohydrate intake, when you’re in this metabolic state, your energy supply comes from ketones in your blood rather than blood glucose.

Ketones are a by-product created by your body when fat is burned rapidly. The presence of ketones in your body above the normal level indicates ketosis is taking place.

This essentially means that your body has begun to utilise fat stores to fuel its everyday functions.


Here is a video I made explaining exactly what a Ketogenic diet is...


Deb x


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