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01/19 - 01/23

Tricia Mancini

Big love to Deb and the TKS group for transforming my life. Joined in April, 9 kg’s down, 1kg to goal but I’m a happy camper where I am. Forever grateful.


Your Healthy & Happy way to Weightless

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01/19 - 01/23

Tracey Maccombe

“Hi ladies, this is a picture of my hubby and I yesturday. Ive been on TKS for a year. I wanted to loose 10kg. I lost 8kg due to health issues that came up I haven’t been able to move the numbers for several months. But after revisiting the mind switch work and Deborah Murtagh last talk and Michael Briggs TKS messages to some other ladies. I’ve decided not to push my body anymore, I am going to concentrate on getting my coeliac disease and my gut health under control. Toning and mind switch with move the last bit eventually. Thank you Deborah for my health and new outlook on life, I can’t wait to meet you in Melbourne and give you a big hug. You have changed my life for the better. Ps hubby has lost 10kg and is looking forward to loosing 10 more. Happy Sunday.”

Yvonne da Dalto_edited.jpg

Yvonne Da Dalto

“This is what happens after being on TKS for just over 1 year. Keep at it ladies it’s so worth it. No exercise either except walking my beautiful dog around the block once a day. Love this way of life.”


Deborah Jenkins

“Hi I been reading posts of concern from ladies whom about to start or thinking about starting.

Like you I had concerns about just how much I had to loose, will I fail, but Christmas is coming, etc. I am no expert and I value this group and the support I get from it. I am in the middle of phase 2 with a 12.5kg loss.

I can cross my legs. Hop in and out the car without grunting and moaning. I have stopped snoring (apparently) my family are proud of me.

And finally I am feeling worthy. Worthy of that new top or New shoes. I have been on many diets over the years.
But this time it’s different there is no beginning or end weeks don’t matter.


Annie Stonehouse Gow

“Yesterday I had cause and time to reflect. A few months can make such a difference. I started 2017 menopausal, 6kgs heavier than I’d been in the last 30 years (Which is a lot when you’ve always been small), not sleeping, having aching feet and generally not liking myself one little bit. My GP had told me that basically that was life as you age and some of the symptoms of menopause would pass in time! Luckily I am an impatient person and wasn’t prepared to wait it out. Long story short – I went searching and Deborah Murtagh crossed my Facebook page and WOW – yesterday I turned 55 and was sitting beside the pool, in a bikini, on my honeymoon, smiling!!!!!! I am back to my normal 55kgs but I feel fitter than ever. I am happy and I am focussed and I have learnt that putting myself first is loving, not selfish. Keto stated as a diet but is now a way of life and I’m loving it. 2017 is going to end well.”


Sharleen Adams

“Having always been relatively fit and healthy I can’t say growing up I have ever really struggled with my weight. However when I turned 40 I noticed that weight was harder to shift and I had to work harder and eat way less to move any weight. I tried many diets and exercise plans but always would put the weight back on despite the amount of exercise I was doing.

I have just finished my first 8 weeks on The Ketogenic Switch and now feel amazing again. I am ready to face the world again. The shift in my emotional state has been amazing. I will I stay within the Keto Switch Lifestyle without a doubt! I believed in this process from the beginning and I stuck to the rules! I believed that Deborah’s years of experience were worth investing my time and energy in to and I had to give this a genuine chance to work.

I can’t recommend this program highly enough.

Don’t question it – JUST DO IT!! You are worth it!”


Kelly James

“The program is easy to follow, clearly explained throughout the written materials, videos & live Facebook feeds & most importantly the support offered not only by Deb, but also the community that they have created, is so positive & encouraging.

The program focuses not just on weight loss, but emotional well being and changing your mindset for the better. I began the program not really happy within myself, and ended it knowing that I am worthy of love, and that that starts with showing myself the care and attention that I deserve. I am confident that I have the tools going forward to continue making healthy choices & also guide my family to better health.

I will be encouraging all of my female friends to take part in this challenge, so that they can go on their own journey of self love.”


Erika Urban

“I am 55 years young and have been experiencing stubborn menopausal weight gain in the last 2 years. I have gained 17 kg last year and complained of joint and back pain, abdominal bloating, lack of energy, severe hot flushes and night sweats.

I came across with The Ketogenic Switch Webinar and joined the program. Over the last 4 weeks I have lost over 6 kg, my joint and back pain, night sweats have improved. The hot flushes and bloating have stopped and I have more energy to continue to work full time.

I am very happy with what I’ve achieved in this short amount of time with the support of ebook materials, video trainings, live video sessions with Deborah. The help and supports of the TKS Team and the Facebook community is exceptional.

Thank you Deborah for changing so many women’s life with this great program on an affordable price!”


Retha Wagner

“I just want to say thank you for help during this program. I am so thankful that I met you. This eating plan has changed my whole life!!! I’m moving better, pain (fibromyalgia) is much better and I feel so good!!

I have prayed for help, because I could not live like this and was sick of diets. I found a plan that works and I can do this for the rest of my life. It is easy and so good!

I have lost 5.2kg in 3 weeks and look forward to lose another 15. I know I can do this. We are a good group on fb and with yours and the members support it is the best ever!”


Alexia Welsh

“I’m a 34-year-old mum that has tried everything to lose weight after having children. I’ve tried many different diets and whilst I have lost a little weight on these, and done a lot of strenuous exercise to lose it, I’ve never managed to keep it off… until now! The TKS system has changed how I look at and think about food. I have a lot more energy, I’m sleeping better and I feel good about myself and the progress I am making.

The Facebook page is one of the best parts! Our own little community of people going through the same ups and downs, sharing ideas and success stories, it truly is inspiring! This is the best thing I’ve ever done, for my mind and my body.

Thanks so much Deb! xx”

8.5kg and 61.5cm lost in 5 weeks.


Josie Carter

“I can honestly say that this program has changed my life… The initial attraction for me was the fact that it would relieve inflammation, the bonus was I would lose weight!

The main thing is I am learning to have respect and love for myself, I actually cried the first few times I was asked to tell myself “I love you”. I haven’t mastered it yet but I do have this happiness inside me that I don’t remember ever feeling. My two kids at home are amazed at the difference in my mood, they are telling everyone “since Mum has been on this Ketogenic Diet she is really happy, it’s awesome”

The modules with videos, recipes, meditations, food plans etc. Everything you need to succeed is there, and then there is the awesome support from all the other beautiful women who are part of the group. I absolutely love this program”

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