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If you're confused about 

weight gain and have tried multiple diets 
and exercise plans AND nothing

has worked....This is for you!


Most people think that counting calories, low-fat diets, and high-intensity exercise plans will help you lose weight. 


The problem with this is that these methods only produce short term results and we find ourselves piling the weight back on once we stop or hit a plateau.  


So many times what we have previously been told is RIGHT has major effects on our long term health and weight loss.


When I was going through it, I tried all kinds of diet and exercise plans. I even tried magic “fat burning” pills that caused terrible headaches, made me dizzy, and gave me the shakes...

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"I discovered the secret to everlasting weight loss through my PERSONAL transformation losing 130+ pounds…

to keeping it off for YEARS

and helping 7,842+ other women

achieve their weight loss goals..." 

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So here’s the SECRET…


Most weight loss programs are made by OPPORTUNISTS who prey on our industry. They have NOT actually experienced a physical transformation themselves.


After personally losing 130+ pounds, I understand the pain of carrying extra weight… 

AND I know exactly what it takes to get rid of it forever!

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By reducing our carbohydrate intake, the body runs out of glucose to fuel the body, so it searches for a second fuel source – FAT.

That’s right, this diet BURNS FAT as fuel and It’s called 

Nutritional Ketosis.

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Not all Ketogenic diets are the same!

You see most Ketogenic diets are focused on muscle gain and MALE hormones.  


BUT I have designed my program to focus solely on helping MENOPAUSAL WOMEN.


By combining intermittent fasting with my unique fat cycling program, your body begins to switch between STORED fats and DIETARY fats to optimize weight loss for the Female body.

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Activating this force gives you an unfair advantage. When your body enters "ketosis" you have a natural ability to burn stubborn, 

stored fats. 


And it feels AMAZING! 

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Scientists USED to believe that our genes predicted our physical makeup, however, we now know we are each born with 30,000 genetic potentials and what determines which genes are activated or switched off, is our environment. 


This means diet, lifestyle, stress and ultimately our belief system...

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The Ketogenic Switch is my exclusive online program for safe and rapid weight loss!


Everything is laid out step-by-step to help you achieve your ideal body weight in the shortest period possible.


Backed by leading science in both nutritional ketosis and positive psychology, The Ketogenic Switch is simplified into easy steps that will give you a remarkable physical transformation.

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