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 Embodiment Retreat
Byron Bay

September 21st - 25th 2023

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Soma Retreat Byron Bay

Soma Retreat Byron Bay

Soma Retreat Byron Bay
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Soma Retreat Byron Bay

Soma Retreat Byron Bay

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Women’s Mind, Body, Soul Retreat with Deborah

21st - 25th September 2023

This is your opportunity to take a sabbatical from the world to focus on the most important thing in the universe, YOU!  We all want to leave this life knowing we left nothing behind, that our lives mattered and that we have no regrets because we reached our full potential and embodied the highest levels of joy and love possible.  We are born feeling nothing but unconditional love for ourselves and the world around us.  Over time as we grow and are 'programmed' by world around us, our ego begins to trick us into false beliefs that separate us from unconditional love, which is one of the highest frequencies and states we can all obtain when we unpack our inherited and acquired traumas.  

In this retreat Deborah is run a series of transformational workshops and facilitates the space for you to embody your authentic divine essence.  You will discover the 7 levels of consciousness, deep-dive into the false beliefs of the ego, address areas of trauma wounds, forgiveness and judgement both of yourself and others, so you can leave the retreat having shifted lifetimes within days. Deborah also has a passion for bringing to our awareness the wounds of both the feminine and masculine, and this helps you to heal all your relationships.

Your retreat leaders

Internationally renowned inspirational weight loss coach and metabolic heath researcher and expert, Deborah Murtagh has run retreats alongside her best friend and soul sister, Debra Renney for nearly 18 years.  Their combined experience working together over the past 18 years has lead to co-creating a enlightening experience for guests. 












We are joined by Deborah's youngest daughter Amélie, a yoga & meditation teacher, while younger in years, brings insights and wisdom of a sage.  She brings a delightful and very healing 'maiden' archetypal energy to the group which is deeply healing for many.  Amélie is dedicated to exploring the world of healing modalities and psychotherapy, and is completing a 200 hour highly intensive yoga training in Bali this August, studying under one of the world's top yoga masters. 


Our venue is the world renowned architectural masterpiece, Soma. Set on 18 acres of tropical forest, Soma was the venue in the series Nine Perfect Strangers staring Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy.  Deborah had been searching for a high quality venue with the capacity for a group of this size for many years, and this venue more than ticks all the boxes for not only a beautiful accommodations, but the retreat spaces are second to none. (View video at bottom of the page)

Byron Bay is nothing short of a dream location for retreats.  Considered the healing and yoga capital of Australia, you will want to spend a few more days in the area exploring the wonderful shops, beaches, healthy cafes & of course the famous Byron Bay Lighthouse sunrise walk.  



The ticket price is inclusive of the following:

  • All healthy Ketogenic Meals & beverages (excluding lunch on day 5 at Crystal Palace)

  • 4 nights accommodation (excluding non-residential participants)

  • Group activities and 20 hours of workshops with Deborah Murtagh

  • Morning heart opening ceremonial cacao ritual's 

  • Crystal bowl sound healing at Crystal Palace on day of leaving

  • 2 hour workshop with Gary Garrow. Who is considered Australia's best Vedic Meditation teacher, and the co-founder of Soma retreat venue where we will be staying. Gary is considered the teacher of teachers

  • Breath workshops that evolve DMT (known as the god molecule) in the brain leading toward deep insight & transformation

  • Magnesium ice bath group activity

  • Infrared sauna

  • Fresh water infinity pool

  • 30-minute private post retreat session with Debra Renney

  • Suggested itinerary for additional time spent in the area

  • Morning Tibetan Yoga with Debra Renney

  • Laughter yoga (prepare to laugh until your belly and jaw hurts!)

  • One day of silence to embody stillness and integrate your meditation practice

  • 2 follow-up group online zoom meetings to help you integrate your post-retreat wisdom into the domestic world

  • Crystal Palace Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Deborah, Debra and Amélie. The retreat officially ends at 10am on the 25th, however we invite you to a bonus event on the day of check out. (Note: We leave Soma at 10am and meet at Crystal Palace.  You will require transport & you are able to purchase lunch there at the cafe. After the sound healing at midday you are able to explore the beautiful grounds and leave in your own time.)


Optional extra

  • A variety of massage & healing treatment options are available - details to come


The following are NOT included in the ticket price:

  • Flights

  • Transportation to & from the venue

  • Travel insurance.  It is highly recommended that you obtain your own travel insurance


Strictly limited to 22 places.  Our retreats usually sell out within 24 hours!

None Residential (7 places) $2,975 AUD

Triple Share (3 places) $3,575 AUD (SOLD)

Twin Share (4 places) $4,475 AUD

King Room (8 places) $5,495 AUD (Includes private appointment with Deborah)
If you wish to share a King room with a friend or family member (same bed), please use one link for the King room, and one for non-residential to secure the places ($8,470) for two)

If your soul calls, you ensure you secure your spot before this retreat immediately to avoid disappointment. 


This retreat is not about weight loss, it's about nourishing your innate divine nature.  And what Deborah always teaches us is that weight loss is a side effect of a healthy mind, body and spirit, so it is at this retreat you get the opportunity to deep dive into topics and subjects not discussed in her other programs. 

It is also worth noting that while many of you have been waiting for Deborah to restart her Bali retreats, she has decided not to continue retreat work in Bali for the foreseeable future. 

Any more information required?

Contact Debra Renney:


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