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Welcome to my private coaching page.  In here you'll find all the info you need to get started!  



Download your ebooks by clicking on the covers.  I suggest you print them and place them into a clear file. The Ketoform Cookbook is also here.

1)  Download your food plan, The Ketogenic Switch.

2)  Download the Mind Switch ebook.

3)  The Ketoform Cookbook.

Your food diary spreadsheet can be downloaded here.  Please save this to your desktop under your name and email this through to me each morning before 10am Monday to Friday.  I don't need this over the weekends.  After the first few weeks you won't need to send your diary through each day, but do send it through a few times a week. 

Private appointments: 

I usually coach on Wednesdays 11am to 4pm, and Fridays 12pm to 4pm.  Please email me your preferred time slots and dates.  

If you can please book your first private coaching sessions with me in advance.  I recommend our first session be in the second week, then fortnightly there after. (4 sessions in total).  

If you can upgraded your coaching sessions to weekly, then the same day and time will make things easier for us!  (8 sessions in total.


My mission is to support your transformation during your coaching time with me.  I am here to fully support you.  It's important that you contact me if you are struggling.  


I am not a 'boot camp' style coach so please ensure you are an active participant in your coaching, do your 'homework' and put in the time where you can to make the most of your coaching!  

I require you to be willing to be open, honest and forthcoming with your coaching and trust that I am confidential and non judging.  If you muck up I"m here to support you!  

Take your time to read through everything and let me know your start date. 


You can find out more information and order ketodrops at this link.


1) The correct email to send your reports to is:

2) My cell phone is: 022 1066 002

Please text me if you wish to talk.  Due to my schedule I don't often answer my phone if we haven't scheduled a chat, but I will reply to your texts as soon as I can.

Please text me upon your enrollment so I have your number saved.


3) My skype name is: healthykitchen
If we are doing skype sessions please find me and friend request me.  

The Ketogenic Switch Members Area:

I have emailed my business partner in London to join you to my online program. Please look out for an email with your login details.  This will take you to the video content of your program. 

Please request to join my private facebook group at this link.  When asked what email address you used to join the program please replay by saying you are 'a private coaching client of Deborah's.'

I do a weekly facebook live event at 8pm NZ time each Thursday evening.  If you can't attend the live event the video is posted immediately and will be available on the group page by clicking on the video tab.  

Let's get started!

Love, Deborah xox


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