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This August Deborah combines a little bit of her Bali retreats with highlights of her Embody the Switch event, to the Coromandel for a very special 2-day event!  













After her 2018 Auckland, New Zealand event sold out within hours, this is your opportunity to catch internationally acclaimed life coach & women's weight loss expert Deborah Murtagh live!

"This mini-retreat is the perfect opportunity to escape the world for a couple of days and give yourself the gift of time. Time to relax, time to renew, time to heal and time to focus on learning the skills to change lifelong habits and patterns that could be preventing you from living your fullest potential.  If you're ready to break free of self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage and step into a more powerful version of yourself this retreat will inspire authentic change and freedom to create to the life you want"
- Deborah Murtagh


  • The art of meditation - Meditation is not just about relaxing the body it's the art of accessing our analytical mind to access the bridge between our conscious and subconscious mind. It is from here we are able to rewire our habits and program new supporting behaviours.

  • Yin yoga - The art of deep moving meditation.  The connection between mind and body is critical to link authentic change when it comes to health, wellbeing and especially creating lasting weight loss.  Deborah shows how this practice can centre you deep within your body and how it can aid the process of deep healing and self-love.  

  • The art of presence - Deborah guides you through how to walk this life in full conscious awareness which gives you the power to be in full control of your emotions, your decisions and feel completely at peace even through the most challenging times.  

  • Deborah's powerful Purpose Mapping Process - The art of changing habits!

  • This retreat includes twin  or quad share accommodation, healthy vegetarian meals and two days in paradise with Deborah, Kelly and Debra Renney (Wise Deb). It will be fun, inspirational, relaxed and profoundly transformational! 



How do we manifest the life of our dreams?  This year Deborah's events will focus on Purpose Mapping™ the unique process Deborah created in response to her from her own 'dark night of the soul' helping her overcome self-doubt, self-sabotage and fears, that took her from rock bottom to living the life of her dreams in a matter of months. 

So what is 
Purpose Mapping™?


When we are in pursuit of our dreams overcoming life’s challenges becomes a necessity and the Purpose Mapping™ process is a mind map into your own subconscious mind so you can access the blocks that may be preventing you from living your life the way you truly desire. 


Purpose Mapping™ answers two questions: What is your purpose and what's the purpose of your past and how do you free yourself and move forward more consciously in control of your own destiny.

Purpose Mapping™ brings awareness to your analytical mind to reprogramme your old outdated thought patterns and install new habits.  It gives you the power to decide what you want to create in this world and the power to shift the invisible barriers preventing you from achieving it. 


Purpose Mapping™  is a powerful, logical, methodical and practical guide to creating the mindset you need to achieve life's goals you will have as a tool for life!

In this unique 2-day event, Deborah guide you through her unique and powerful step-by-step Purpose Mapping™ process to become a change maker and a woman living with passion and purpose!

You don’t want to miss this rare opportunity to be inspired by world leading life & weight loss coach, Deborah Murtagh.



















"The Embody the Switch event helped me realize I wanted to embark on a new journey to study early childhood. Start studying in 2 weeks. So exciting.
What a journey so far.

Lost 22kg in 6 months and kept it off and now celebrating my 
1-year Ketoversary! 

Thank you TKS for a fantastic year and bring on the rest of my life!"


Monique Corney





Dr Jeanie McDonald

Payment Plan!
Come now and pay later!  Deborah is offering you a 4 month payment plan of $260 a month ($60 a week) from August to November! 


Before .                      After

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