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 Awakening Your
Wisdom Retreat
Ubud, Bali

1st - 7th of June 2024
Advanced 1st -10th June 2024

Retreat WILL SELL Quickly, Book Now!

Awakening Wisdom Retreat

Intuition is an essential tool to develop as you awaken to your highest potential.  This retreat focuses on bringing your higher self forward so she can step into the limelight of your life, where she belongs!

This is your Total Mind, Body & Soul makeover in Magical Bali!

After four years, Deborah brings back one magical Bali Retreat in 2024!   This is your opportunity to take a 6-nights/7-days, or join our Advances Post Retreat private group, for 9-nights/10-days, and take a true sabbatical from the world to focus on the most important thing in the universe: YOU! 

Our 6-nights/7-days participants will stay at Gaia Retreat Centre where our daily workshops will be held.
There is an option for 5 women to extend their retreat to a 9-nights/10-days stay, and benefit from a private small group of advanced teachings and practices with Deborah, Debra and Amélie. These women will stay at Deborah's Bali home 20 minutes north of our Gaia Venue.

In this retreat, Deborah is going to take you through a powerful physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual detox. This retreat will include a 3-day  plant-based detox and cleanse/fast and a total body reset.  

You will attend a sacred water temple ceremony guided by Deborah at Tirta Emple, where we have witnessed 'miraculous' transformations amongst retreat participants over the years.  


And, we will venue out on a day trip north to the rice fields and to visit a sacred waterfall in the north of Bali.  This is a day of pure joy and integrated many of the spiritual practices you'll be learning on how to become a more conscious observer of reality, which enables more beauty in everything we witness.  

Deborah chooses sites she knows are powerful transmuters of change. This is not just any retreat; it's a cultural and spiritual experience like no other! 

If you attended my retreats last year in Byron Bay, Soma was your classroom; this is your experience! 


You will leave the retreat having shifted lifetimes within days. Deborah's spiritual teachings focus on the Law of One Teaching and is an interdenominational approach to understanding a high-level view of the soul's journey and returning to love.  And the emphasis is on developing your own intuition, so you may reconnect with your inner wisdom.  Deborah believes that a spiritual path is the journey of both forgetting and remembering.  Forgetting our human conditioning and programs, while remembering our connection to the divine.  

As such, the team will be facilitating many guided meditations throughout the retreat, to help you confidently grow your intuition and higher guidance systems.  


We all want to leave this life knowing we left nothing behind, that our lives mattered and that we have no regrets because we reached our full potential and embodied the highest levels of joy and love possible.  We are born feeling unconditional love for ourselves and the world around us. 

The 6-Night /7-Day Retreat Inclusions

  • 6-night accommodation, either twin or 1 quad room.  

  • All healthy meals, drinks and beverages.

  • 3-day plant-based detox & fast  (we can cater for specific metabolic needs)

  • 25 hours of workshops with Deborah.

  • Daily yoga, breath and meditation workshops.

  • Morning heart opening ceremonial cacao rituals. 

  • Breath workshops that evolve DMT (known as the god molecule) in the brain lead toward deep insight & and transformation.

  • An infrared sauna is on site (recommended daily).

  • Fresh water infinity pool.

  • Morning Tibetan Yoga with Debra, or Morning Hatha with Amélie (5 sessions).
  • Evening yoga (3 Sessions).

  • Sacred Women's Circle Evening with Ecstatic Dance.

  • Ancient Sound Healing at Pyramids of Chi.

  • 2 Massage Treatments at your Villa.

  • Sacred Water Temple Immersion.

  • Rice Fields and Sacred Waterfall Experience.

  • Traditional Balinese Feast & Celebration Dinner with live traditional music, Balinese Traditional Dancers, and firepit ceremony. This is a Balinese extravaganza!

  • All transport to and from activities (excluding airport transfers).

  • 30-minute private post-retreat session with Debra Renney.

  • Private retreat community chat.

  • Suggested itinerary for additional time spent in the area..

  • 2 follow-up group online zoom meetings to help you integrate your post-retreat wisdom into the domestic world.

9-Night/10-Day Advanced Retreat

All of the above plus:

  • 2 Colonics
  • 2 Lymphatic Massages
  • Pyramids of Chi Water Sound Experience
  • Merlins Magic Themed Evening Dining Experience


The following are NOT included in the ticket price:

  • Flights.

  • Transportation to and from the venue (we can arrange airport pickups and dropoffs for 500,000 ird
    $30 USD approx) each way per car and driver).

  • Travel insurance.  It is highly recommended that you obtain your own travel insurance.  Tickets are non-refundable (read T's & C's).

  • Tips:  It is customary to leave tips for staff, drivers and guides.  We suggest having 100,000 ird cash handy.


Strictly limited to 23 places!

We have an extensive waiting list for this retreat, and we expect this to sell out quickly.

(Places are released to Deborah's Inner Circle members for the first option, then past retreat participants and then our SwitchAura Community before public announcements.) 


Your Retreat Leaders

Deborah Murtagh: The Visionary Leader and Wellness Expert
Deborah Murtagh stands as a beacon of inspiration in the world of weight loss coaching and metabolic health research. With a stellar 30-year career peppered with over 20,000 hours of clinical experience, she is not only an expert in ketogenic dieting but also deeply involved in cellular-level and environmental detoxification, family health, classical homeopathy, and hands-on healing. Deborah's credentials are further amplified by her training as a Strategic Interventionist with the Robbins-Madanes Institute, specializing as an Advanced Relationship Interventionist. Her passion extends to human psychology and consciousness, with a keen interest in psychedelic-assisted therapy advancements. As the founder of SwitchAura Women's Wellbeing Hub & Community, Deborah is a guiding light, helping countless individuals on their journey to wellness.












Debra Renney: The Soulful Co-Creator and Linguistic Maestro
Debra Renney, a Master Practitioner and trained linguistics Teacher, brings over four decades of expertise in mind-body-soul transformation. Her partnership with Deborah Murtagh spans nearly 18 years, co-creating transformative retreat experiences that resonate deeply with participants. Debra is celebrated for her ability to provide energetic love and support, making each woman’s journey unique and fulfilling. Known for infusing fun and laughter into the retreats, Debra's presence is a source of joy and upliftment.



















Amélie Gibb: The Young Visionary and Spiritual Guide
Amélie Gibb, Deborah's youngest daughter, is a rising star in the wellness sphere. With a natural inclination to lead and inspire, Amélie is passionately following in her mother's footsteps - often with a fresh, forward-thinking approach. She is a highly awakened and gifted teacher, already making significant strides amongst her peers. As a qualified yoga and meditation teacher, Amélie brings to our retreats a wealth of knowledge in advanced kundalini meditation practices, yoga, healing modalities, nutrition, herbal medicine, and psychotherapy. Her youthful energy and sage-like wisdom create a healing and rejuvenating environment for all participants.

Together, Deborah, Debra, and Amélie form a dynamic trio, each contributing their unique strengths and insights to create a holistic and transformative experience for every retreat participant. Join us at SwitchAura for a journey of self-discovery, wellness, and joy guided by these remarkable women.





Venue - Ubud, Bali

Elegant Comfort Meets Balinese Charm.  Nestled amid lush, terraced rice fields, the Gaia Retreat Center is our main retreat centre where our yoga and some of our workshops will be held.  The other venue is Deborah's Bali Village home, where our 9-night Advanced Retreat participants will stay with her, Debra and Amélie, about 20 minutes away.  Gaia stands as a beacon of tranquillity in the vibrant mecca of Ubud – voted Asia's friendliest town and a coveted destination in Bali. The vista from our villa is the essence of Balinese beauty: gentle palm trees, healing breezes, picturesque rice terraces, and the melodious harmony of wind chimes.

The grandeur of Villa Gaia is a blend of elegance and local charm, boasting marble floors, rich teak wood, and eight luxurious bedrooms. Indulge in our on-site massage room, rejuvenate in our far infrared sauna, and relax in the soft hot tub jacuzzi. Our dining area, semi-open to the enchanting views, offers a serene backdrop for your culinary experiences.

Private Oasis with a Panoramic View

Step outside to our beautiful, chlorine-free pool. Lounge under the sun with a backdrop of Bali's breathtaking landscapes. Our sun loungers are perfectly positioned for you to soak in the views, relax your body, and refresh your mind.


Location - Ubud, Bali

Located only 90 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Gaia Retreat Centre is an accessible haven for those seeking a peaceful getaway. The journey to Gaia Retreat Center is as relaxing and inviting as the destination itself.
Join us at Gaia Retreat Center, where tranquillity meets tradition, and every moment is a step closer to inner peace and rejuvenation. Ubud Township is just a 15-minute walk away. 

Any more information required?

Contact your retreat facilitator, Debra Renney:

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Retreat Testimonials

Retreat Testimonials
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Terms and Conditions for Deborah's Awakening Your Intuition Retreat, Bali 2024

1. **Deposit and Payment Terms**
   - Deposits and instalment payments for the retreat are non-refundable. However, they can be transferred to another participant if a replacement is found by the original attendee.
   - Final payment for the retreat must be completed 7 days before the start date. Details regarding the final payment deadline will be communicated to all participants.
   - Please refer to the 'Exclusions' section for additional details on what is not covered by the retreat fees.


2. **No Refund Policy**
   - We strongly recommend that all participants obtain comprehensive medical and travel insurance, which includes coverage for global emergencies.
   - All bookings for the retreat are non-cancellable and non-refundable.
   - Travel insurance is highly advised to cover any inconveniences caused by the cancellation of the retreat due to acts of nature or other unforeseen circumstances.


3. **Booking Conditions**
   - Bookings are non-refundable. In cases where you are unable to attend the retreat due to financial commitments or other reasons, it is your responsibility to transfer your booking to an interested party.
   - The SwitchAura team will assist in advertising the availability of your ticket and facilitate the transfer of details. A $250 USD administrative fee will apply for this service.
   - The ticket price includes all meals, accommodation, group activities, and group coaching. It does not include flights, airport transfers to and from the retreat venue, tips, or personal spending money.


4. **Liability Waiver**
   - We will not be liable for any health issues or injuries that may occur during the retreat. Participants are advised to have appropriate insurance coverage.


5. **Declaration of Understanding**
   - By making a deposit or full payment for the retreat, you are declaring that you have a full understanding of and agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. All participants must review these terms carefully and understand their implications before committing financially.


**Note**: These terms and conditions are designed to ensure a clear understanding of the commitments and responsibilities of both the retreat organizers and the participants. We encourage all potential participants to thoroughly review these terms and seek clarification if needed before making a booking.

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