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30 days, one dress size 

Deborah Murtagh

challenge begins in...

30 days of transformation -
lose weight, embody self love and learn how to think slim and win an amazing prize pack valued at over $3,000 (details to be released shortly)
  • easily turn on your body's ability to burn stored fat without feeling hungry
  • effortlessly lose a dress size in 30 days (average weight loss is 15 lb/7 kg in 30 days)
  • learn how to think like a slim woman  - what 23 years as a weight loss coach has taught me!
  • 30 daily inspirational insights, acts of self love and encouragement!
  • access to our supportive community facebook group to cheer each other on, share your successes. I'll be checking in daily to answer your questions! 
It's not just about food!

1 in 3 women are on a diet at any given time, but only 5% manage to maintain weight loss beyond 2 years!


It's about self-empowerment

My approach works because I nourish mind and body and I'm not holding back, you get my 23 years of experience in 30 days!

Please note this is a worldwide challenge so joining fee is in US dollars.

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